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Levenger Leather Book Weight

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Curated by Vocal's Erica Wagner: "Yes, you need a book weight. I have several of these from Levenger — I'm just a tiny bit addicted to their wares — and I often give them as gifts. I keep one in the kitchen for cookbooks, and a couple up in my office. When I copy out text I like to type it or write it out, rather than copy/paste, a task made infinitely easier if your pages are held open by a smooth leather bookweight. You can get them monogrammed too, if you’re into that kind of thing."

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A flexible leather book weight to keep your pages in place. Never lose your place in a book with our flexible, leather book weight. It’s weighted on both sides to hold down pages so you can keep reading without worry. The microfiber underside keeps it from scratching or tearing pages. Add a monogram for a personal touch. A Levenger 35th Anniversary Heritage Product, introduced in 1991.