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Vintage Oil Lamp

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Curated by Vocal's Erica Wagner: "My friend Paddy Crewe gave this to me; he’d found it in an antique shop in his native Yorkshire, but there’s plenty like it on eBay. I adore it. Filling the bowl, lighting the flame, adjusting the wick — all of these give me great delight and a real sense of touching the past, though I’ll admit I’m not sorry I’ve also got that new-fangled electricity up and running in my home. This makes me smile even when it’s not aflame."

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  • High quality cotton lamp wick, fast absorption, smokeless and tasteless, 7/8'' inch flat wick.
  • Oil lantern with glass chimney, good light transmission and easy to clean.
  • Oil lamps great choice for indoor use creating a romantic atmosphere!
  • Vintage Hurricane lamp, thick cardboard box and bubble wrap protection make it a great gift for family, friends.